Clopsy – Order Tracking for Opticians Just Got a Vision

An innovative new optical order tracking application specifically designed to automate the order management process makes its debut this month. Clopsy is a web-based software application developed to manage the entire life cycle of a patient order, from purchase date to dispensing of the final product. Clopsy was uniquely designed to alleviate the common frustrations with managing and tracking optometric frame and lens orders for customers via manual methods. Having completed stringent beta testing on April 22, 2011,Clopsy is now available to all eye care and optometric practices.

Clopsy is the creation of industry veteran, Sam Schrup of Discerning Eye, a family-owned optical store based in Iowa City. Mr. Schrup recognized the benefits that an automated order and lens tracking application would provide for his practice, staff, and patients. His initial Clopsy design provided critical alerts and escalation paths to his staff members when common order issues came about, allowing these problems to be prevented or resolved proactively. Reaction to the new Clopsy software from his staff was so favorable that Mr. Scrhup made the decision to re-develop Clopsy as a powerful, web-based application that any optical practice can use.

Mr. Schrup began the process of refining the original Clopsy software by adding several exciting new features beyond basic order tracking. Clopsy now has four main components, which include order tracking, automatic alerts system, reports and an order search engine. The order tracking system efficiently tracks all orders, preventing order loss and alleviating confusion amongst staff. A multitude of customizable alerts and warnings, 18 in all, are now available in the alerts system. For instance, alerts can be set to notify staff when thereare order delays at the lab. Alerts can also be used to notify staff when acustomer needs a second reminder to pick up their glasses or contacts. Reporting becomes easy with a robust new report engine that includes numerous canned reports, such as optician performance, lab order history, average lab turn around time, and remake statistics. A comprehensive order search engine tool is also available with Clopsy. This tool provides search functionality based on a numberof criteria like patient name, lab, or optician.

Mr. Schrup also has the benefit of using his own practice, Discerning Eye as practical test environment for the new Clopsy design. “It was great to be able to test out new features within an actual dispensary for a few months before going to market,” Schrup said. “The opticians of Discerning Eye provided me with great feedback and suggestions on how to improve the functionality and usabilityof Clopsy.”

Clopsy is fully scalable software application available in convenient monthly subscriptions – each subscription plan includes every feature of Clopsy. There are plan designs to fit every size optometric practice with each plan accommodating a predefined number of orders per month. The Start Up Plan is $24per month and allows up to 75 orders. The Basic Plan is $49 per month and allowsup to 150 orders. The Premium Plan is $74 per month and allows for up to 300 orders. The Max Plan, the largest available, is $99 per month and allows for an unlimited amount of orders. In addition, all Clopsy plans come with a free,30-day trial. Registration takes just 60 seconds and is located on the Clopsy website.

“I’ve been involved in the optical industry for over eight years,” said Schrup, “and have been developing web applications for over four. It’s been great to create a product that directly relates to both industries.”

For more information about Clopsy, or to get a free 30-day trial version, please visit or contact at (319) 321-9228.